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Founder and President

Theodore Gercken has always been passionate about board games. For most of his life, he has loved sitting around a table and playing all types of cardboard strategy. From Root to Ticket to Ride to Imperial Struggle, his love for games has spanned all genres.

Very early, when he was in middle school, he got deeper into the hobby, and in fact, he dived into that back brain of it all, designing board games. His first real game was a military/civilization game named "Civpire" (civilization and empire combined). But, as with most things in middle school, it eventually got abandoned, and he moved on to other games. In 2020 his passion grew so large that he formed Gobi Games (although it was the name and logo he had for many years) and began working in earnest to build up its game catalog.

He is the designer for Pantheon, Scelus City, The Arena, Age of Exploration, and a few upcoming Gobi Games projects.

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